class Creative

attr_reader :name, :passion, :professions

def initialize(name, passion, professions)
@name = name
@passion = passion
@professions = professions

glenn = "Glenn Langdon", "creativity", [ "conduct orchestras", "play the piano", "write", "code" ])
puts "Hi, I'm #{} and I'm passionate about #{glenn.passion}."

glenn.professions.each do |skill|
puts "I #{skill}."

Ruby on Rails: Multiple blog post previews on a home page

Having built a blog, I wanted the user to be able to preview 4 blog entries on the landing page. Not wanting to hard code the article paths, I wanted the code to automatically pull the four most recent posts. Some very simple Ruby methods to the rescue.


18 November 2016

Using Heroku, AWS S3, CKEditor and Paperclip in a Rails 4 app

Recently I built a Rails blog with a WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor, that allows a user to upload pictures and post articles via the text editor. CKEditor is one of the full-featured text editors that developers can easly integrate into their applications. For uploads, I chose Paperclip, a powerful file attachment...

11 October 2016